Adventure Course Set


Use this indoor obstacle course to design imaginative obstacles, boundaries, and shapes with this colorful assortment of adventure course components!

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Create a unique adventure full of obstacles and challenges with this complete set of cones and connector posts. Watch as kids run, jump, duck, and crawl their way to an exciting workout!

A Full-Body Workout

Depending on the design of your course, students will have the opportunity to test a number of skills and engage in a challenging yet fun workout. Agility and dexterity can be taught with tight corners and course obstacles. Lower obstacles require jumping and promote reflexes. Higher barriers make crouching necessary and require endurance.

The potential for possibilities is limitless! No matter what aspect you’re focusing on, an intense aerobic workout is sure to follow, keeping heart rates high for positive development and targeted training.

Infinite Combinations

Over 30 pieces enable an endless number of construction possibilities! You’ll never have to worry about designing the same activity twice—there’s an unlimited number of combinations that will keep students excited and aware of their surroundings. Create a series of similar obstacles to test endurance, mix things up to work on reflexes and agility, or promote critical thinking skills with challenges throughout the course.

Each cone has 12 holes that hold connector posts, allow instructors to quickly and easy set up any obstacles that might be applicable to the unit. Combine with other activities to build on foundational skills and get kids sport-ready.

Incorporate Other Activities

Pair the Adventure Course Set with any number of activities. An agility-oriented course with toss and catch stations lends itself to baseball, while cradling a ball and hurdling low-framed obstacles translates directly to football. This set can be used at every stage of your movement unit, making it a great investment that will pave the way for skill development in various sports.

The Adventure Course Set includes:

  • 20" Yellow Cones, 4 Ea
  • 20" Orange Cones, 4 Ea
  • 4'L Posts, 8 Ea
  • 3'3"L Posts, 8 Ea
  • Clips, 12 Ea