Balance Master™

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Use this balance board to shift weight back and forth to develop balance and coordination!

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Enhance coordination, build muscle, and improve balance with this advanced trainer, designed for athletes with sound body control and experience in balance training sports and activities of all types.

An Advanced Challenge

Students and athletes from a variety of sports and activities will find tremendous benefit from the advanced challenge of the Balance Master™. Skiing, aerobics, dancing, and field athletics of all kinds require balance and coordination to excel in, making this exercise in coordination a key component in critical sports development.

A higher slope design displaces weight more severely, creating a higher degree of instability that requires more movement and body control. Older kids and advanced athletes will embrace the unique challenge the Balance Master™ offers!

Develops Core Skills

Balance is constantly tested atop the Balance Master™, which means continuous adjustment is required for students and athletes to stay steady. This ongoing challenge takes exceptional coordination and balance, which pushes kids to remain cognizant and aware of their weight distribution and footing at all times.

Coupled with this, leg and core muscles are constantly engaged and developed as kids try to subtly redistribute weight to stay upright.

Durable Plastic Design

With nonskid strips marking footholds for balancers, the Balance Master™ is incredibly simple in its design. Students and athletes are afforded total stability as they mount, giving them a chance to get sound footing and a feel for the weight of this 6 lb piece of equipment.

A durable single-piece molded plastic design eliminates the risk of cracking and can support weights of up to 250lbs. Measures 29-1/4"L x 9"W x 6-1/2"H.

Balance Master™ Options

Balance Master™ is available Individually or in a Set of 6. Colors may vary.

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