Create-A-Beam™ Balance Sets

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Create dozens of balance challenges using this kids balance beam!

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Perfect for teaching balance, foam sections interlock to create walking paths for students to traverse. Straight and curved options allow instructors to create both square and circle tracks. The non-intimidating design of these sets is perfect for younger kids. Dura-Tuff foam keeps the surface comfortable and safe, while standing strong against heavy wear and tear as students walk across it.

Non-Intimidating Design

Designed with foam for the utmost safety, these sets are perfect for kids who might just be learning to test their balance. Thanks to the foam construction of each piece, a comfortable walking surface lowers the intimidation level and keeps kids focused on their balance, instead of fearing for a fall. Each piece locks together securely with a friction-fit plastic rod for a wobble-free construction. A 5”W walking surface makes it easy to stay on track, while a shorter 2""H height takes the fear out of mounting the beam.

Customizable Design

Because each segment of these sets can be individually affixed, the possibilities for designing a custom walking surface are endless! Set up a beginning-to-end circuit for individual balancers, or create an infinite loop for multiple kids to walk on at the same time. Choose Straight Sets and create simple courses with defined edges or Curved Sets for winds and curves. Pair straight and curved pieces for the ultimate track construction and watch kids twist and turn their way from beginning to end, all the while keeping their balance upright!

Tremendously Durable

Sporting incredibly resilient Dura-Tuff foam, these balance sets are built to stand up to constant wear and tear. Dura-Tuff foam won’t rip, tear, or puncture, and is always light, yet firm when it comes to kids stepping on it. The foam provides a little “give” on impact to cushion walkers without compromising in its integrity, making it perfect for younger classes where nimbleness comes second to excitement!

Combine the 18 Straight and 6 Curved pieces to create a multitude of designs!

Create-A-Beam™ Balance Set Options

Create-A-Beam™ Balance Sets are available in Straight and Curved sets.

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