Figure-8 Balance Beam


Challenging balance beam for kids is the tallest and narrowest!

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A unique Figure 8 shape and narrow 2""W walking path provides a balancing challenge for students of all ages. Made of durable plastic, with interlocking sections that easily secure, this balance beam remains sturdy even if kids wobble!

A Challenge for All Ages

All ages will find a challenge keeping their balance as they walk around the infinite loop of this unique Figure 8 balance beam. With a narrow 2”W surface to steady them and 6""H to add a challenge, students will have to concentrate as they step from section to section—especially when it comes to the loops!

The narrow design makes it easy to learn pivoting and turning, while adding the challenge of walking on 50% less surface area than other balance beams. Younger students can focus on simply making it through without losing their footing, while older students can quicken the pace and go for speed as they race the clock.

Durable and Secure

Use on the playground, in PE class, or whatever surface you want to set up a challenge on! The resilient plastic construction easily stands up to routine wear and tear and will keep its shape even while it’s literally being walked all over. Individual pieces slide together cleanly for a secure lock that stays put even when stepped or pulled. While other beams rely on friction connections to stay together, this beam interlocks for tremendous security via a grooved connection, making it safe and stable at all times.

Plastic construction is inherently less slippery than vinyl and gives kids an added grip as they walk across the beam, which comes in handy around the tricky curves of the Figure 8 design.

Assembles with Ease

Because the individual sections of this balance beam easily and securely slide into place in a tongue and groove fashion, assembly of the entire Figure 8 can be accomplished in mere minutes, with takedown just as quick and seamless. Individual sections are easily cleaned and stored after use, making them a supremely economical option for institutional use, where multiple class periods may wreck havoc on lesser balance beams. Easy to assemble, clean, and store, individual sections make this beam an economical choice. Set includes 26 pieces total (18 curved, 8 straight, each is 8""L x 6""H). Beam measures 9-2/3'L x 4-1/3'W assembled and weighs 31 lb total.