Jump Ball

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Improve balance and fitness while using a jump ball and having fun!

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Get fit and have fun at the same time! A reinforced molded-plastic bounce platform (14"" dia) fits on a specially shaped, heavy-duty vinyl ball, creating a simple yet challenging way to promote balance, coordination, and a variety of plyometric jumping exercises. 

Balance and Coordination

Simpler than a traditional pogo stick, Jump Balls put emphasis on a variety of core abilities, to help students master their movements. Balance is required to mount and stand on the ball’s bounce platform, with even more of an equilibrium required to grip the ball with feet during jumps. Hop in place or laterally to truly master weight distribution and balance! Coordination is key and will quickly be developed as kids push their abilities naturally; advanced jumpers can even add spins for an exercise in timing and dexterity. Jumping burns calories and keeps heart rates high, making every skill building exercise a workout.

Easy to Learn, A Challenge to Master

The concept of these Jump Balls is simple in theory, but takes work to truly master, making them great for moderate to advanced users. As students develop balance, the inherently simple design of these balls helps them acclimate to an ever-changing center of gravity.

As they become familiar with its design and more dexterous with age, students will find themselves using Jump Balls to workout, train, and exercise via a plyometric regimen. Vary inflation levels to hone different skills--higher PSI means higher jumps to emphasize balance; lower inflation means lower jumps that build endurance.

Durable and Safe

Supportive of users up to 185 lb (similar balls have a lower weight capacity), Jump Balls are ruggedly durable and can be used in virtually any environment. The ball itself is made of a heavy-duty vinyl, which, coupled with the jump platform’s molded plastic, makes them highly receptive to the impact of regular jumping. An easy-to-grip ball texture allows kids to secure the ball safely as they jump, while the “Figure 8” shape of the ball works to displace jumping impact in a way that won’t jar kids loose as they hop successively. Colors vary.