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PathWay™ See-Through Tunnels


Durable, transparent nylon mesh kids play tunnel enables kids to see out and helps you provide better supervision.

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The unique see-through shell of our only mesh tunnel allows teachers to keep tabs on students as they travel through it and alleviates feelings of enclosure for kids who may be nervous. Sturdy spring-steel wires and ends covered in durable nylon offer extended longevity and the ability to connect multiple tunnels with Velcro® at skirted ends.

Promote Skill Development

Both 24"" dia tunnels or 40"" dia Super-Enormous tunnels require students to act accordingly to get through them, building fundamental skills. Smaller tunnels must be crawled through, which encourages weight distribution, coordination, and endurance as multiple muscle groups are engaged. Larger tunnels can be walked through at a hunch, pushing the need for spatial awareness and balance. Tunnels can be incorporated into races and relays to further build skills that revolve around running and crawling, building fundamental skills and core strength. See-through mesh even promotes social skills as kids communicate through them.

Unique See-Through Design

For students that fear enclosed spaces or for teachers who want a bird’s eye view of the entire class, a see-through mesh shell is ideal. Instructors will be able to make sure no problems occur between students in tunnels and can directly address students within easily. Good airflow through the mesh is perfect for kids with claustrophobic tendencies and gives them direct sight to everything going on around them. These tunnels are a great introduction for beginners. ASTM certified.

Durable and Versatile

Despite being semi-transparent, there’s no durability lost in the construction of these tunnels! Quality mesh and durable nylon combine to form a resilient shell that can be used indoors and out with ease. A spring-steel design quickly and safely extends for easy setup, and collapses compactly for storage in an included zippered nylon bag.

PathWay™ See-Through Tunnel Options

PathWay™ See-Through Tunnels are available in 2 widths and lengths.


  • Standard, 24” dia
  • Super-Enormous, 40” dia


  • 6’L
  • 9’L
  • 15’L