Pedal Walker


Put your balancing skills to the test with this inovative balance roller as you pedal forward and backward.

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A durable plastic and metal construction with 4 plastic wheels tests balance and coordination with a unique challenge! This mobility tool comes with detachable handrails for extra stability as students pedal backward and forward.

A Unique Balancing Challenge

Reminiscent of riding a bike, students will find it easy to acclimate themselves to the pedaling action that powers these unique walkers. The challenge comes in staying upright and maintaining balance in 4 planes—front, back, left, and right—while in motion. With the ability to pedal both forward and backward, students will be exposed to new challenges not possible on static walkers. This is the ultimate indicator of balance mastery!

Safe Design

With a unique challenge comes unique safety features, dedicated to assisting students in acclimating themselves with weight distribution, balance, and coordination. Detachable handles provide extra comfort for beginners and assist with weight distribution.

A low center of gravity and low profile design prevents tipping and uncontrolled rolling.

Treaded rubber wheels provide tack and traction, no matter the surface conditions, indoor or outdoor.

Durable Construction

A steel axel coupled with tough, rubber-lined plastic wheels and pedals makes both indoor and outdoor use possible, without fear of damage. Students can pedal without fear of cracking, warping, or damage to the structure, giving them confidence to concentrate on their balance above all else. Supports up to 110 lb.

Pedal walker is 14"L x 18-1/4"W x 20"H (with handrails); 10 lb.