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Rainbow® Multi-Dome™ Activity Sets

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Set up these versatile components in endless configurations for endless fun using this custom obstacle course!

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Hop, crawl, and run! Create a custom obstacle course that the entire class will love! You can easily and quickly set up a variety of custom challenges to test agility, develop coordination, and help foster teamwork.

Sturdy, Long-Lasting Design

The center of each multi-function Multi-Dome™ is made of durable ABS plastic and designed so students and teachers can place standards, arches, or hoops in it. The domes are so strong, they will keep their shape even if students step or stand on them. All of the other components in these packs are made of a durable thick plastic that will withstand tough use in any crowd.

Convenient Setup

Snap into place, and you’re ready to go! Setup is that simple with the Multi-Dome™ Activity Sets. Each dome has a center hole and holes on each of the four ends. This helps to easily connect and secure connect multiple attachments in each dome. It’s so easy, you can even let students take the lead and set up their own obstacle course. Once the fun is done, every piece disassembles, making organization and storage a breeze.

Amazing Versatility

Our all-compassing Multi-Dome™ Activity Pack has the most configuration options of any of our obstacle courses! The multipurpose design lets you use all the pieces together, or use them independently. Go beyond the standard obstacle course and use the arch gates as soccer goals, the Klipz™ Obstacle for throwing a football through, or the Multi-Domes™ as hilltops for balance training. Here’s a closer look at what each component of the Multi-Dome™ Activity Pack can add to your class.


Extremely versatile domes are designed to be used with all of the other attachments, giving you many configuration options. Add extra stability to obstacle courses by filling the dome with sand.

Klipz™ Clips

Great for jumping, diving, ducking, weaving, and target practice. You can also use the wand posts and Multi-Domes™ for agility and speed training, or add them into another obstacle course.

Arch Gates

Great to use as targets, goals, tunnels, and more! Place the domes wide apart to lower the tunnel, or move them closer together to create a higher tunnel. Incorporating tunnels into class helps students identify spatial and body awareness. Each ¾” dia arch gate is 47”L.


Develop and reinforce jumping techniques with the fun, colorful design of these 12”H hurdles. You can also use them as barriers to create a path for a course.

Wand Posts

Add agility training to your PE program with 36”L wand posts. Students can learn how to weave back and forth while learning body awareness.

Mini Game Standards

Multipurpose standards feature several attachment slots hold hoops, wand posts, and more. Telescoping rubber stem fits over hard-plastic 24""L (61 cm) poles. To add to their versatility, they can expand from 27""-39""H.

DuraHoop™ Plus Hoops

A thicker yet flexible 3 mm wall prevents this hoop from kinking, unlike other hoops that fail when bent or stepped on.

Multi-Dome™ Activity Set Options

Multi-Dome™ Activity Sets are available in 6 varieties.

  • Multi-Dome™ Activity Pack. Includes 30 Multi-Domes™, 6 Klipz™ Clips, 6 Arch Gates, 6 Hurdles, 18 Wand Posts, 6 Game Standards, and 12 DuraHoop™ Plus Hoops.
  • Mini Game Standards Set. Includes 6 Standards, 6 Multi-Domes™, and 6 Wand Posts.
  • Wand Posts Set. Includes 6 Wand Posts and 6 Multi-Domes™.
  • Arch Gates Set. Includes 6 Arch Gates and 12 Multi-Domes™.
  • Hurdles Set. Includes 6 Hurdles and 6 Multi-Domes™.
  • Klipz™ Obstacle Set. Includes 6 Multi-Domes™, 6 Wand Posts, 6 Klipz™, and 12 Rainbow® DuraHoop™ Plus Hoops.
  • Multi-Domes™. Includes 6 Multi-Domes™.
  • DuraHoop™ Plus. Includes 12 hoops.