Rainbow® Squish Steppers™

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One-of-a-kind inflatable kid stilt steppers engage more muscles and stimulate more senses than traditional steppers or stilts!

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    • Unit: Set of 6
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Promotes Instability Training

Balance, coordination, and sensory motor skills all benefit from the adjustable inflatable instability of these steppers. Hands and feet work in tandem via strings that needs to remain taught as you step, while the partial inflation of the steppers themselves keeps students cognizant of their balance at all times, allowing them to adjust quickly as the surface under them shifts.

Instability training also works leg muscles and promotes reactionary responses that improve muscle twitch time.

Tactile Grip

A tactile texture of small, raised bumps on the surface of these steppers makes them ideal for use without shoes, where sensory triggers can better help students embrace instability training. The grip helps students map the surface and its changes with their feet, leading to a better understanding of weight distribution and balance overall.

Easier Than Stilts

Thanks to their low profile design and relatively non-intimidating appearance, steppers are a natural segue into stilts, but one that helps to better promote the basics.

The inflatable steppers are easily approached to build confidence, with a slight amount of instability present to get students accustomed to balancing. Easier to learn and use than stilts, these steppers provide the same benefits without the intimidation.

Set of 6 includes 1 pair in each Rainbow™ color.


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