Rainbow® Walking Seesaw Set


Unique design makes this balance board easy, safe, and fun for students to build balance skills.

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Rugged and resilient, these colorful formed-wood seesaws feature a gently sloped bottom so balancing is challenging, yet not extremely difficult thanks to raised edges on foot platforms.

Ideal for Beginner Balance Training

A low degree slope makes balancing easier for beginners, while still teaching the fundamentals of weight distribution. By rocking back and forth slowly, students will learn to adjust their stance and balance. This emphasis on coordinating balance also helps kids to find and regain their center of gravity no matter what the shift in momentum. Smooth rocking lets students control the pace as they acclimate with different difficulties and exercises.

Raised edges on the ends keep feet firmly planted on the board to quickly develop balance and coordination skills as students shift weight back and forth to move the seesaw.

Multipurpose Functionality

Rocking back and forth at different paces offers a basic introduction to balance via weight displacement, however additional activities can easily build on the fundamentals.

Incorporate squats to help build muscles while balancing or have students toss balls with partners to increase hand/eye coordination alongside balance. This wood seesaw set also features raised edges to prevent feet from slipping off, providing a comfortable foothold across activities.

Rainbow® Walking Seesaw Set makes it easy to add a challenge to virtually any basic exercise move by simply adding a balancing component!

Durable and Economical

Rainbow® Walking Seesaw Set pof 6 is easily stacked and storage is made simple thanks to a lightweight and durable construction. This is the most affordable balance trainer we offer!

Supports up to 150 lb. Each seesaw measures 24""L x 6-1/4""W x 5""H.