River Stones and Hilltops

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Fun riverstones are great for promoting balance, movement, and comfort at various heights.

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Kids will learn coordination, balance, and depth perception as they hop from stone to hilltop! Varying heights and distances require good judgment for each jump, while each landing requires full-body control to stay on the stone and off of the floor.

Develop Core Skills

It takes a keen judge of distance to jump from stone to hilltop and exceptional body control to make sure students stick the landing. Your kids will learn these fundamental skills and more, including depth perception and control over momentum.

Varying sizes and shapes serve to emphasize each aspect of jumping and landing, creating total body awareness and cognizance of things like footing, momentum, distance, and form.

Tailor the Challenge

With a varying degree of sizes and shapes, teachers can lay out an infinite number of configurations for students to jump through. Easier courses are made up of similarly-sized stones spaced closely together, while more advanced courses mix stones and hilltops and place them farther apart.

Angled designs incorporate an added challenge because students must anticipate landing surfaces and quickly regain control of their bodies after landing on an uneven surface. Scalable difficulty makes these sets ideal for any age.

Built for Safety

Built to withstand the impact of kids jumping from one stone to another, an added rubberized texture makes the surface of the stones and hilltops grippy. Rubber trim and base keep each stone perfectly in place at all times. Their triangular shape gets smaller towards the peak and adds a tiered texture for additional traction.

Set of 6 River Stones includes 3 small (9-3/4""W x 1-3/4""H) and 3 large (14""W x 3-1/4""H).

Set of 5 Hilltops includes 3 sizes: 14""W x 3-3/8""H, 16""W x 6-3/4""H, and 17""W x 10""H"".

River Stones and Hilltops support up to 110 lb.

River Stone and Hilltop Options

River Stones are available in a Rainbow Set of 6. Hilltops are available in a Set of 5.

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