Tactile Balance Board Sets

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Raised dots on this balance beam for kids provide traction and sensory stimulation.

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The interlocking sections of this set can be linked in an endless array of creative paths, to keep things fresh and fun. A tactile surface places emphasis on coordination and response to sensory stimulation, adding a cognizant workout to even simple balance exercises. Durable plastic construction and rubber feet minimize slipping, making every design a safe one.

Tactile and Sloped Design

Raised bumps on the surface of each section creates a sensory trigger that encourages kids to remain cognizant of their footing as they traverse the track. These same bumps also provide a slight grip, assisting kids in mastering balance and incorporating speed as they become more comfortable on the beam.

Sloping sides are forgiving to missteps, creating positive reinforcement and encouraging balancers to challenge themselves naturally. Students will be able to sense the slope as they tentatively step forward, allowing them to correct quickly to regain sound footing and their balance.

Endless Activity Options

Use the included straight (8), curved (8), and corner (4) pieces to construct an infinite number of unique balance beam designs, to tailor activities for every age and keep the course interesting. Create circuit courses for continuous balancing challenges, set up straight courses for speed balancing tests, or create a crazy design that twists and turns to keep kids on their toes! Bright colored sections also lend unique opportunities to gameplay with the introduction of rules and challenges, such as reversing on green or stopping on yellow.

Secure Construction

Interlocking tab and groove sections are a superior feature for this set and won’t come apart when pushed or stepped on. As an added benefit, rubber feet keep each section soundly in place at all times, even when multiple students are on the beam. The noticeable stability will instill confidence in kids, where other wobblier beams might create fear and impede concentration. Full Set includes 8 Straight, 8 Curved, and 4 Corner pieces. Straight and Curved are also sold separately. Straight pieces measure 19""L x 5-1/2""W x 2-1/2""H and the entire set weighs 27 lb.

Tactile Balance Board Set Options

Tactile Balance Board Sets are available in 3 options.

  • Full
  • Straight
  • Curved