Team Walker 4-Pair Set


Sections interlock for multiple walkers to use as a fun team building activity and disconnect for independent use.

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Teach teamwork and balance by connecting individual walkers to create a 4-person, 60""L walker.

Teach Teamwork

Individual walkers quickly snap together to create a team of students who must work together in order to keep on moving. Hand and foot coordination must be in sync, while communication among the entire group must be clear to avoid stumbling. Students must communicate to step in tandem and distribute their weight accordingly as they trudge ahead.

Teachers can encourage group participation by calling out movement commands or designate captains to promote leadership. With progress dependent on the entire team, students will quickly learn to cooperate with each other!

Solid Construction

Lightweight yet rugged plastic construction is complemented by sturdy, adjustable rubber foot straps. Foot straps serve to secure feet in place at all times to prevent slipping, while handheld cords are easy and comfortable to grip for extra security.

Snap connections make connecting and disconnecting groups quick and easy, without risk of the connections coming apart during group movements.

Numerous Activities

Each segmented set of walkers can be used individually to help students learn hand/foot coordination, however they truly shine in partner and group activities. As soon as segments are snapped together, the cooperation and teamwork begins, allowing for a number of team-based challenges and games.

Play Simon Says with a group of 4 teammates, race a relay with a pair of partners, or see how long you can make the train before the group has a misstep! Create individual activities, group challenges, or partner relays, all with these versatile walkers. Assembly required.

Team Walker 4-Pair Set includes 4 pairs of 16""L x 5""W walkers with cords.