The Spooner®

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Balance trainer that is the ultimate fun balance board!

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The innovative design of The Spooner® simulates board-sport moves (skateboarding, surfing), but doesn't require the advanced skills. Students will discover how to maneuver their center of gravity and proportion their weight as they enjoy a wide range of activity options atop these boards.

A Range of Balance Activities

A simple design yields a tremendous range of balance activities and challenges for kids of all ages. Mimicking the movements and feet positions of board sports, kids will have the opportunity to stand, sit, rock, spin, slide, tilt, flip, and wobble, all the while keeping emphasis on their form. Instability created by a wide, spoon-shaped bottom of the board makes any activity a challenge, which means virtually any stationary aerobic activity can be improved!

Teach Critical Skills

Every activity performed with The Spooner® requires balance, coordination, and weight distribution to make sure you don't fall off! Students must always be cognizant of their footing, while moving appropriately to distribute weight evenly to stay upright and steady.

Core and leg strength are also improved as the body constantly readjusts to counteract movement from the uneven body of this board. Mastery over momentum is quickly learned as kids become comfortable balancing in any situation.

Durable Design

High-quality construction means incredible durability and resilience to institutional abuse, while a non-marring underside keeps gym floors safe and scuff-free. Unbreakable, non-marring 3/8"" polyethylene plastic with nonskid strips allows for both indoor and outdoor use. Lightweight and easy to stack, storage is made simple.

Available in 2 sizes for younger and older users—both measuring 11-1/2""W—size accommodations make it easy to tailor activities and exercises to specific age groups.

The Spooner® Balance Board Options

The Spooner® is available in 2 sizes in Rainbow® Sets of 6 or Individually. Colors vary on Individual boards.

Rainbow® Sets

  • 24"L
  • 28"L

Individual Spooner®

  • 24"L
  • 28"L