Food Labels Teaching Kit


Give your students the knowledge they need to read food labels and make healthy food choices.

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With this comprehensive teaching kit, students will learn how to read food labels, determine nutritional values, compare food products, balance protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates, the importance of a balanced breakfast, how to read the food pyramid, and to understand food label terminology.

Instructional PowerPoint

This set makes it easy to teach kids to read food labels so they have the knowledge they need to make healthy eating choices.

Each kit features a PowerPoint presentation that contains 31 slides. This teaches students how to recognize the important facts on food labels, define nutrition terms used on labels, compare food products, and select foods based on their nutritional value. The presentation goes over all the details of the food label, as well as certain claims displayed on food packaging, such as “light” or “reduced fat.” It also provides three options for at-home activities with which students can test their knowledge. At the end of the presentation, there is also a short quiz and links to find additional information.

Posters and Handouts

After reviewing the presentation, you can go over a sample label, as food label posters and handouts are included. The kit provides a large, laminated instructor poster and 100 matching handouts, each of which provides information on each part of the label. The back is then a worksheet for kids to test their knowledge.

Included DVD

Each kit also includes a DVD that features 6 active teens who show us why breakfast is the smart way to start their day, as well as how to eat smart by reading nutrition labels. The audience will learn how to balance protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates, as well as why a balanced breakfast is important, how to read the ingredients on a nutritional label, and why it’s important to avoid substance such as sugar, corn syrup, enriched flour, and trans fats. The 10-minute DVD includes a high-level introduction to the food pyramid featuring breakfast foods.