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Attack the obesity epidemic with these fun, fast-paced activities that promote good nutrition and fitness!

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Players wearing the "unhealthy" FoodFat Attack™ pinnies (French fries, brownies, etc.) try to tag the players wearing the "healthy" blue vests. Each time players are tagged, they pick up a "fat cell" (ball) and place it inside their vest. As the balls accumulate, players can "lose the fat" by doing exercises. Ultimately, the game teaches students about healthy eating choices, nutrition concepts, and the benefits of exercise.

Learn About Junk Food

In this game, 9 students wear junk food pinnies and the rest of the students (up to 36) wear regular blue pinnies. The students with the junk food pinnies run around and tag the students in the blue pinnies, and when they are tagged, they must run out of the boundary and put a “fat cell” (a yellow ball) in their pinnie. Then, they re-enter the playing area and are able to be tagged again. Students can empty their vest of fat cells by doing an exercise, with the goal being to have the least amount of cells in your pinnie when time is called.

The game helps students to understand the consequences of junk food and that unless they do exercises to burn off the excess fat, it will not go away.

High-Quality Parts

Included are 9 junk food pinnies, 18 medium blue vests, 18 large blue vests, a storage bag, an activity guide, 175 balls, and a VersaBag XXL mesh bag.

The junk food pinnies are worn by the “taggers” and prompt students to pick up and put a yellow ball in their vest. The junk food on each pinnie includes French fries, potato chips, cheeseburgers, nachos, pizza, brownies, candy bars, hot dogs, and Danish pastries. Also included are nutritional facts printed on the back for additional learning opportunities.

The custom storage bag is made of a heavy-duty nylon and features carrying straps to make transportation easier than ever.

All 175 balls are used to represent the fat cells. They are very lightweight for easy game play, and are made of a hollow plastic.


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