Lunchbox Kids Game

Get students moving with this fun and challenging introduction to health and fitness!


Bridge the gap between the gym and the classroom with this award-winning active board game. Recommended by teachers and fitness professionals, it allows you to test your students with 400 pop quiz questions as they perform exercise and work their way around the board earning coveted Golden Tickets

PE to Classroom Connection

Teach your students about a variety of aspects of health and fitness. Up to 8 players can play at once, with the goal of this game is to collect the most Golden Tickets. Tickets can be collected in a few ways: instantly get a ticket by landing on a healthy character space, by answering health questions with the pop quiz cards, or by doing exercises. Exercises are always a group activity, so all players participate!

Players can land on “get fit” spaces, in which they have to complete the exercises on the card. One example might be having all players do 8 abdominal crunches and 6 pushups. Students can also land on “Snack Cards,” which can be healthy or unhealthy. If they draw a healthy snack, they can keep it to collect golden tickets. If they draw an unhealthy snack, they must go to the nurse’s office and complete an exercise to get back in the game.

If they land on a “pop quiz” space, they have a player across from them select a card from the trivia cards, with categories including “library,” “science lab,” “cafeteria,” and “cool facts.” An example question is: “Your body converts carbohydrates and sugar into energy called A. Fructose or B. Glucose.”

Get Started Right Away

Each pack contains everything you need to get your game started immediately. Packs come with a game box, game board, thermoformed plastic tray, 2 custom food dice, 2 pawns, 12 Get Fit cards, 24 custom Golden Tickets, 20 snack cars, 400 health and fitness trivia cards with tray, a children’s workout poster, and a food scale chart.

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