Portion Size Visual Learning Packs

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Interactive ways to teach your students the value of portion size!

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A set of eye-catching materials effectively illustrates a healthy portion size versus today’s standard portion sizes by comparing calories and fat grams. All packs are tailored for age groups.

Two Age Groups

These sets are available in 2 age groups: elementary and junior/senior high. This allows you to better target and gain the attention of your students. The packs provide multiple examples of portion sizes for these ages and comparisons so students can recognize when their portions are too large.

Class Packs

Portion Size Class Packs for these sets include additional instructional material, 2 DVDs, and a PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoint reinforces proper portion size.

The sets include 2 DVDs: Portion Size Me and Portion Size Me, Too. The first volume has you following 2 graduate students as they eat exclusively at fast food restaurants for 30 days and learn some valuable lessons about portion size. This is a fast-paced, entertaining, and insightful documentary on portion sizes. The DVD also features several experts from Eastern Illinois University who provide valuable information on obesity, portion size, and good nutritional health. Volume 2 of this DVD dives deeper into the concepts introduced in Portion Size Me. It answers questions such as who determines portion size, how should it be determined, and how can you make healthy choices at fast food restaurants. Both DVDs are 25 min in length, for a total of 50 min.

Poster/Banner Packs

Both sets come with 2 portion distortion posters, 1 banner (2' x 5'3'') and 1 laminated poster (18'W' x 24''L). Both clearly illustrate what we would typically be served versus what an actual serving is. It also displays the calories in both, so you can see how easily a person could overeat if they clear their plate. These posters also display helpful information on recognizing oversized portions. For example: a serving of meat is 3oz and is about the size of a deck of cards.

The elementary set includes a "Portion Size Wise" poster that targets kids from ages 6-12. It shows proper portions of kid-friendly foods such as: juice, cookies, and ice cream. This poster also provides healthy snack options. Also included in the set is a poster titled "Keep Your Eyes On The Size,” which provides more examples of oversized portions versus correct sized portions and provides healthy tips.

The secondary set includes a poster titled "Portion Puzzle," which outlines serving sizes for common meals and offers great tips to fill you up without adding extra calories and fat. This set also includes a "Fast Food" poster, which provides tips and ideas on how to make better choices when out to eat at fast food restaurants.

Portion Size Visual Learning Pack Options

Portion Size Visual Learning Packs are available in several sets:

Class Packs

  • Elementary
  • Junior/Senior High

Poster/Banner Packs

  • Elementary
  • Junior/Senior High