Carlisle Canoe/Kayak Paddles

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Lightweight paddles are perfect for beginners!

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These all-purpose paddles have been designed to be a perfect combination of lightweight and durable. They are particularly comfortable for beginning rowers, but also make great backup paddles for experienced kayakers and canoers. Paddles feature lightwieght tempered aluminum shafts and high-impact polyethylene blades.

Canoe paddles feature a 13” plastic grip and T-grip handle for tight control of 20"L x 8"W molded polypropylene blades. A pushbutton takedown allows users to feather out the blades for right- or left-hand control.

The 87"L kayak paddle is double-bladed for an efficient stroke.

Paddles are available in 3 sizes.

  • Kayak Paddle, 87”L, 32 oz
  • Canoe Paddle, 51”L, 30 oz
  • Canoe Paddle, 57”L, 32 oz