ClassPlus™ Cross-Country Ski Packs

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Complete institutional-quality packs are easy to maintain and store, making them a great fit for your class!

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People can enjoy cross-country skiing their whole lives. Now you can get all the skiing equipment you need to introduce it to your students! This easy-to-use, durable, low-maintenance equipment includes skis, boots, poles, and more. Each set of skis comes pre-mounted with bindings so you can start the lessons as soon as your pack arrives.

Perfect for Schools

The equipment included in this pack (skis, boots, poles, etc.) is easy to use and long-lasting. All skis come pre-mounted with bindings, allowing you to begin your lessons immediately.

Built to withstand institutional use, each set of skis features a low-maintenance, tough fiberglass and wood design, as well as a waxless base that balances a firm grip and long glide. The ski boots come with a moisture-wicking lining, a water-resistant exterior, and automatic New Nordic Norm (NNN) bindings so students can quickly and easily put their skis on and take them off. The ski poles are made of a sturdy fiberglass with rubber grips for comfort.

Ideal for Beginners

Wide body technology offers greater stability and grip for beginning cross-country skiers of any age. Sidecuts add control and maneuverability, making it easier for beginners to master the basics of cross-country skiing.

ClassPlus™ Cross-Country Ski Pack Options

ClassPlus™ Cross-Country Ski Packs are available in 3 packs. Instructional book also sold separately.

  • ClassPlus™ Cross-Country Ski Packs
    • Skis with Bindings, 24 pr
    • Boots, 30 pr
    • Poles, 24 pr
    • Ski Bags with Wheels, 3 ea
    • Duffel Bags with Wheels, 3 ea
    • Instructional Handbook, 1 ea
  • Sizes
    • Elementary
    • Junior High
    • Senior High
  • Instructional Book, 264 Pages