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Everything you need to introduce Educaching® to your class!

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Educaching® introduces geocaching to your class and sends your students on an outdoor GPS adventure that challenges their academic knowledge and physical fitness! All lesson plans can be easily modified to coincide with your curriculum. Each pack includes all the Educaching® equipment you need to get your entire class started with the activity.

Get Started with Educaching®

Educaching® offers a fun and active way to learn how to geocache with a GPS. Created by teachers. This program aligns with the essential standards commonly found in science and math. Each pack features all the necessary equipment to turn any area into the perfect geocaching setting, including stopwatches, plastic cones, team wrist bands, cache sets, exercise card packs, plastic discs, kickballs, and home plates. All of this equipment is color-coded for easy organization. Teachers use the equipment to set up customized geocaching fields, where students are divided into teams with their wrist bands and have to find their way around to different activities.

Ideal for All Ages

Teachers can create Educaching® fields in varying degrees of difficulty to meet the needs of students from elementary through high school. The Educaching® GPS Curriculum aligns with national teaching standards, such as STEM, and provide a challenging experiential learning environment for all students, including resources for gifted students and lessons for homeschooled students. There are 20 different lesson plans to choose from, which teachers can customize to fit their specific class’s needs.

Convenient Packs

With 2 packs available, you will find one that fits your class’ needs. The Basic Pack comes with all the equipment needed to create a color-coordinated field for students. The Deluxe Pack comes with all of this equipment, plus 6 Garmin eTrex10 GPS navigators, creating an all-inclusive pack that features everything you need to get your students started. Both packs include a large DuraBag duffel bag that fits all of the equipment, making storage and transportation a breeze.

ClassPlus™ Educaching® Pack Options

ClassPlus™ Educaching® Packs are available in 2 packs. Curriculum also sold separately.

  • Basic Pack. Includes Educaching® GPS Curriculum, 7 stopwatches, 8 plastic cones, 24 team wrist bands, 2 triple cache sets, 1 exercise card pack, 6 kickballs, 12 plastic cones, 6 home plates, and a large duffle bag for storage.
  • Deluxe Pack. Includes everything in the Basic Pack, plus 6 Garmin eTrex10 GPS navigators.
  • Educaching® GPS Curriculum Only