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Cache Containers

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Build critical thinking and teamwork skills with geocaching and orienteering tools from Gopher Sport!

Encourage outdoor exploration during PE classes or after-school programs using orienteering and geocaching equipment. From compasses and GPS units to guided instruction, Gopher’s kits contain everything teachers need to get the entire class involved.

Why incorporate geocaching/orienteering into my program?

Geocaching and orienteering are navigational sports that encourage students to use their critical thinking, problem solving, and leadership skills to locate specific destinations. Students become so engaged in trying to find their next caches that they also engage in exercise without even realizing it!

Orienteering: Students use compasses and maps to find a predetermined location called a control point (marked with a flag or kite). Students navigate their way through a series of control points to complete the course and learn essential survival skills along the way.

Geocaching: Students use GPS units to navigate to various caches (containers filled with trinkets) that are preloaded or can be inputted into the GPS. It’s a treasure hunt in the great outdoors that all students will enjoy!

Find a new path of learning when you buy orienteering and geocaching equipment from Gopher!

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