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ClassPlus Skate Pass Packs
ClassPlus Skating America Inline Skating Packs
ClassPlus Skate Pass Land Paddle Packs

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Buy inline skates and skateboards from Gopher Sport for your PE class and after-school program!

Build coordination skills during a heart-pumping cardio workout using rollerblades and skateboards from Gopher! All packs include skating equipment, pads, and helmets needed to safely teach balancing skills.

Teach your students about the basics of inline skating with an all-encompassing pack. With enough premium equipment for the entire class, teachers will be able to keep all students moving and learning at the same time.

Integrate skateboarding into PE classes with gym-floor friendly skateboards. Introduce skateboard basics using wheels optimized for proper friction indoors and out. You can also grab a longer board and a paddle to encourage a full-body workout that’s both fun and challenging.

Shop for inline skates and skateboards from Gopher!