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Ollie the Octopus™ & Stella the Starfish™ Parachute Activity Sets

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Kids will squeal with delight as they try to catch and launch Ollie and Stella with parachutes!

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A world of possibilities opens up when you introduce your students to Ollie and Stella. These inflatable balls are much larger than your standard beach volleyball, allowing for a more exciting, kid-friendly PE experience and a new twist on parachute activities.

Endless Options

Tired of playing the same few games every week? Ollie and Stella come with two 12’ diameter ElevAir™ Deluxe Parachutes and an Octopus Activity Guide chock-full of different game suggestions and variations! Whether you opt for group exercises, team play, or rotating stations, Ollie and Stella can help by engaging younger students and keeping things interesting.

Strong Construction

With double-stitched handles, a 5’ rope perimeter, a signature mesh underside, and premium lightweight design, Ollie and Stella optimize longevity without sacrificing ease of use. Each stays inflated for up to 3 hours!

Key Convenience

Being a PE teacher requires ample preparation, careful planning, and quick thinking. Ollie and Stella make things a little easier by being the most convenient, yet interactive item for your PE or before- or after-school programs. Each ball comes with its own oversized handle bag, and can be inflated with a cage ball inflator.

Ollie the Octopus™ & Stella the Starfish™ Parachute Activity Set Options

Ollie the Octopus™ & Stella the Starfish™ Parachutes are available individually or with an Activity Set that includes a storage bag and two 12’ dia ElevAir™ Deluxe Parachutes and activity instructions.


  • Individual Parachute
  • With Activity Set


  • Individual Parachute
  • With Activity Set


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