Rainbow® ElevAir™ Parachutes

Starting at $169.00

Our most economical gym class parachute delivers rippling, billowing parachute action in a Rainbow® of vibrant colors! 

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Get unparalleled strength, accessibility, and diversity of use at a great value! This is an item that should be in every PE teacher’s supply room and on every PE student’s list of favorite activities!

Endless Options

Each parachute comes with 6 colors, meaning it offers more options for increasing the fun on games like Shark Attack and Popcorn. Designate different rules for different colors, helping younger students develop coordination and memory skills.

Different sizing options also give teacher the opportunity to mix things up. Our largest size can fit an entire class, while the smaller choices are perfect for rotating activity stations.

Smart Design

Double-stitched, tear-resistant handles make it possible to set up for a game in half the usual time. An oversized bag with an easily graspable strap makes transportation, storage, and quick preparation easier than any PE teacher would ever expect.

You can find an economical parachute anywhere. What sets Rainbow® ElevAir™ Parachutes apart are their great value. Double stitching, .5’’ rope around the perimeter, and the rip-resistant nylon set these apart from others.

Rainbow® ElevAir™ Parachute Options

Rainbow® ElevAir™ Parachutes are available individually in 3 sizes.

  • 24’ dia, 20 handles
  • 30’ dia, 24 handles
  • 35’ dia, 28 handles


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