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SST™ Scooters

SST™ Scooters

Stabilis® Anti-Tip Scooters
Rainbow® FastTrack™ Scooters
UltimateScooter™ Boards
Rainbow® Connect-A-Scooters
ClassPlus™ SST™ Scooter Packs
ScooterCommuter™ Scooter Storage Cart
UltimateScooter™ Basketball Set
DOM® Mini Shoot Scooter Hockey Set
Scooter Poles and Paddles
Roller Racer™

Roller Racer™

ErGo™ Soft-Top Scooters
UltraSoft™ Scooter Hockey Stick Set
Angeles® Trikes

Angeles® Trikes

ClassPlus™ UltimateScooter™ Packs
UltimateScooter™ Flag Tag™ Set
Wooden Scooters

Wooden Scooters

Winther® Viking Tricart


Worksman® Wide Tracker Adult-Size Tricycle
UltimateScooter™ Game Packs
DOM® SuperSafe™ Scooter Hockey Set
UltimateScooter™ Ball Launcher™ Set
UltimateScooter™ ScootPursuit™ Set
UltraSoft™ Scooter Hockey Packs
Magnus™ Scooter Storage Cart
ReLAX™ Scooter Lacrosse Set
SoftScoot™ Scooter
UltimateScooter™ Basketball Plus Set

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Buy scooter boards for kids from Gopher Sport and start moving!

Durable and versatile, our assortment of Physical Education scooters and ride-ons helps teachers add an extra element of excitement to any PE class!

Each of the scooter boards is built to last and able to withstand the thrills of high-action games during classes. Our team-building scooters allow students to attach them together for a number of fun games. Ensure student safety with scooters that protect students' hands. Available in various sizes and multiple bright colors, teachers can buy boards individually or as part of a set.

If you're looking for a way to improve a student's balance, our assortment of ride-ons provides safe opportunities to develop essential gross motor skills.

Find the ideal scooters and ride-ons that work with your PE curriculum at Gopher!