Angeles® Trikes

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Safe, sturdy, smooth-riding tricycles.

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Get your youngest students moving those legs as they pedal their way around a number of outdoor activities for kids. Sturdy construction provides a smooth, enjoyable ride on nearly any outdoor surface, while a no-pinch design keeps the intimidation factor low. Two sizes accommodate students ages 3-5 and 4-8, for a comfortable fit.

Smooth Ride

Self-lubricated bearings are more than just a lasting solution for institutional settings—they also offer incredible smoothness that helps minimize jostling within the wheels, which in turn reduces rattling in the handlebars and seat. This smoothness means a more welcoming prospect to young students who may be fearful of the speed or coordination involved in pedaling Angeles® Trikes.

A ridge-back seat structure also provides another facet of comfort to students as they pedal around the playground. This additional posturing component keeps students comfortable even when sitting for longer periods of time, and provides natural low back support that lessens muscle fatigue encountered on trikes for kids without back support.

Wide-set wheels with all-terrain treads make pedaling outdoors easy, minimizing the potential to get tripped up or stuck in cracks, crevices, or divots in the pavement or asphalt.

Incredible Durability

Chrome-plated steel and a welded frame offer unparalleled durability, making these trikes for kids an unsurpassed option in institutional settings. Welds at every critical junction allows support for kids up to 90-100 lb (based on trike option), and prevent integrity issues that can arise due to vibration or stress on lesser models. And, despite an all-steel construction, there’s no prospect of pinch when steering thanks to a full-construction steering column.

Lubricated bearings in each of the wheels means no upkeep is required to keep them rolling along smoothly. Nylon bearing construction is also much sturdier than dry bearings.

Two Sizes

Available in Medium and Large sizes, it’s easy to accommodate students between ages 3-8.

  • Medium trikes support students up to 90 lb and are great for students ages 3-5. A 12”dia front wheel provides stability, while a wider steering column adds control for new riders.
  • Large trikes are built to accommodate up to 100 lb and designed for students ages 4-8. A 14”dia front wheel makes them easier to keep in motion once students start pedaling, with a 26”H set of handlebars that’s more conducive to a bigger student.

Both sizes of trike come fully assembled and ready to ride, right out of the box.

Angeles® Trike Options

Angeles® Trikes are available in 2 sizes.

  • Medium
  • Large