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ClassPlus™ SST™ Scooter Packs

Starting at $915.00

Outfit an entire class with 24 SST™ Scooter and we’ll give you the storage cart for free! 

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Outfit your entire class with the speediest scooter boards! Each pack of 24 includes 4 Rainbow® Sets of 6 SST™ Scooters plus a Magnus™ SST™ Storage Cart at no additional cost!

Get Everyone Involved

Every pack has 24 scooters, so everyone in your class is rolling! Each pack comes with a free storage cart, which allows you to easily organize and haul all 24 boards.

Quality Cart

The included cart is made of a tough Magnus™ ABS plastic that is stronger than PVC and twice as thick as other PVC piping on the market. It features 4 ball-bearing casters, making the cart easy to handle and move. The cart can either be pushed or pulled for easy transport in and out of your storage area. Two of the wheels are able to lock down, allowing for safe loading and unloading without having to worry about your cart rolling away.

ClassPlus™ SST™ Pack Options

ClassPlus™ SST™ Packs are available in Indoor or Indoor/Outdoor Packs of 24 with storage. Storage Cart also sold separately.

  • Indoor Pack with 2" dia wheels
  • Indoor/Outdoor Pack with 3" or 4" dia wheels
  • Storage Cart
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