DOM® Mini Shoot Scooter Hockey Set


Plastic sticks provide institutional strength to aide in scooter board hockey!

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Get the equipment you need to set up a fun game of mini scooter hockey for your PE class! These short-handled sticks have straight blades for better ball contact.

Scooter Hockey Fun

Scooter hockey is a great game similar to standard hockey that provides kids with a fun aerobic activity they’ll look forward to every day. Students sit or lay on the boards, following the ball or puck with their stick. Throughout the process, they’ll be getting a great upper and lower body workout without even knowing it! The sport also encourages teamwork and communication, as students must pass to each other and set up plays on the fly.

The set can also be used to add twists into other similar games. For example, you could create partner passing and target games like Hot Shot, in which students shoot into the goal from different angles and distances. The player who makes all shots first wins.

Durable Design

The shafts of these sticks are made with strong and flexible ABS plastic that will not snap when flexed. A DOMS super tight blade reflects that also used in the manufacturer’s full-size sticks. Players benefit from a solid, continuous striking surface that presents a better chance of success in game play.

Also included is a Crystal butt end that gives the student full control of the stick at all times, ensuring the stick will stay in hand during play. This makes the game safer for everyone involved.

Sticks measure 12-1/2”, making them the perfect size for scooter play and small enough for even young students to control with a single hand.

Color Options

Each pack has sticks that are team-colored red and blue (6 each). This allows for easy team recognition during gameplay.

An included gym hockey ball is designed for maximum safety and excellent playability. It is very soft, bright orange, and designed to eliminate bouncing.

A super-safe DOM-90 puck features an aerodynamic profile. At 4” wide, the puck also has contoured edges for reduced wind drag. It slides flat against the floor, greatly reducing the amount of flipping you’d typically experience in similar gym pucks.