DOM® SuperSafe™ Scooter Hockey Set

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Durable foam-covered blades for safe, fast-paced scooter board activities with children!

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An integral-skin polyurethane blade for extra softness and safety! Set includes everything need to play floor hockey safely on scooters! 

Scooter Hockey Fun

Students will quickly learn how to successfully play low to the ground while getting a great upper- and lower-body workout. This also promotes teamwork and communication, key skills that are needed through adulthood!

The set can also be used to add twists into other similar games. For example, you could create partner passing and target games like Hot Shot, in which students shoot into the goal from different angles and distances. The player who makes all shots first wins.

Safe Yet Durable Design

Get the best of both worlds! A Skinex polyurethane blade is soft and features a spongey core so students can confidently play without the worry of getting injured. A tough outer skin gives this foam more durability than other foam sticks as it protects the core and ensures it lasts through multiple games with a large amount of students.

Sticks are 11”L, making them the perfect size for scooter play and small enough for even young students to control with just 1 hand!

Color Options

Set is configured for team play— 6 yellow and 6 red sticks—which saves on prep and setup time. An included vinyl puck and PVC ball enhance the safety of this set and provide excellent playability.  Bright orange is easy to see and a low-bounce factor on the ball keeps sticks low.