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ErGo™ Soft-Top Scooters

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A comfortable and core-engaging design; ergo, a revolutionary self-balancing scooter experience!

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Soft, inflatable seating gives you the most comfortable, ergonomic scooter on the market. Your students will be scooting for hours without having to worry about sore knees or backsides!

Greater Comfort and Exercise

An inflatable PVC seat center on a scooter board has never been seen before on the market. It helps to not only provide greater comfort for students sitting on it, but also to better engage the core for a more robust upper and lower body workout. Students will be having so much fun rolling across the floor that they won’t even notice they’re getting in some great exercise!

Durable Construction

These boards are built with a two-piece durable plastic frame that provides extra strength and flexibility during use. If they smash into another board or a wall, they will not break or chip like many other plastic boards on the market. This makes them an outstanding option for institutional settings that have multiple people using them every day.

The PVC seating area is inflated to provide a dome-shaped seat, which is easier on the knees and bottom to create a more comfortable ride. Overall, the surface is larger than standard boards, which means all body types can use it.

Color Organization

Scooters come in blue and red, which makes it easy for teachers to divide students into 2 teams. You can create games such as Scooter Soccer, dividing students into red and blue sides and get the game going quickly.

ErGo™ Soft-Top Scooter Options

ErGo™ Soft-Top Scooters are available in a Pack with storage, in Sets of 6, or Individually in Red and Blue. Cart also sold separately.

  • Scooter Pack. Includes 12 scooters (6 ea Red, Blue) and a custom storage cart.
  • Scooter Sets of 6
    • Blue
    • Red
  • Individual Scooters
    • Blue
    • Red
  • Magnus™ ErGo™ Storage Cart. 62-1/2”L x 25-1/2”W x 69-1/2”H, 45 lb.
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