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Innovative design allows students to roll with foot control!

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Teach responsive coordination as your students glide around on these rolling scooters for kids! Students’ foot motions control the direction of the roller. Made with durable materials that can stand up to indoor or outdoor play, they’re ideal for institutional activities for kids. High quality components make rolling fun!

A Fun Activity

Unlike traditional trikes or pedal bikes that may seem more mundane to students, the EzyRoller™ ride on toy is a unique departure that incites fun and excitement! The low, laid back nature of these rollers gives them a go-kart feel, while the cambering motion used to power them offers up a fun challenge that students will quickly get the hang of.

Cambering is a locomotion technique that encourages students to alternate simple left and right leg movements to maneuver a bar, nudging the entire scooter forward and helping it to gain momentum. This technique is a great exercise for the lower body, including calves and ankles, yet disguises itself as a fun activity that keeps students zooming around!

Incredible Durability

Reinforced powder-coated steel ensures resilience is a major asset of these scooters, allowing them to stand up to heavy wear and tear in both indoor and outdoor environments. The finish will retain its appeal over the long haul, resisting basic blemishes and scratches that might detract from its overall appeal or leave it susceptible to damage.

A nylon seat also provides added comfort for students while they’re cambering around, as opposed to a plastic seat that might otherwise leave them feeling cramped when they finally stand up. Heavy-duty nylon will accommodate a bevy of wear and tear over time without compromising.

Superior Quality

Everything about this EzyRoller™ ride on toy exudes quality, making it a superior investment for curriculums teaching momentum. In addition to the sturdy design, polyurethane wheels are non-marring against gym floors and are strong against frequent wear and tear. High-quality bearings also complement smoothness as students glide around—on an ABEC odd scale from 1-9, these bearings are rated ABEC7!

  • Medium accommodates ages 7-10 and measures 25-1/2”-35-1/2”L x 17”W x 13-1/2”H. It weighs 13 lb and accommodates up to 200 lb.
  • Large is designed for ages 10+ and measures 36”-42”L x 23”W x 19”H. It weighs 18 lb and supports up to 200 lb.

EzyRoller™ Options

EzyRoller™ is available in 2 sizes.

  • Medium
  • Large