Roller Racer™

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Sturdy hand-propelled ride-on is a fun classic that students love!

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Teach students a new dynamic for moving forward and watch as they quickly get the hang of rolling! These easy-to-learn scooters for kids open up a wide range of momentum activities for students and can be used indoors and out for maximum fun. Safety is a core tenant of their design, alongside durability and accommodation, with 2 variations available.

Quick to Learn

The concept of “propulsion by vectored torque thrust” may seem like something reserved for a college physics class, but with Roller Racer™ toys, it’s one that even your youngest students will quickly get the hang of! By pumping the handlebars of this scooter and pivoting their seat in the direction they want to travel, your students will be off to the races using a new form of locomotion. The intuitive controls of these scooters makes it easy for even the youngest students to quickly get the hang of things, allowing for better participation all around.

Indoor or Outdoor Games

Once your students understand the dynamics of propulsion by vectored torque thrust, they’ll be able to zip around indoor or outdoor areas for a variety of different games. Indoors, the non-marring wheels make it possible to keep students gliding around the gym as you set up races and games of scooter tag. Outdoors, obstacles courses and giant races are possible thanks to a bigger activity area—the scooters themselves will hold up resiliently to any outdoor surface.

Safety and Sustainability

Safety is a top concern when it comes to the design of these scooters for kids, evident in the many fundamental features that work to keep students safe. “Rams horn” handles protect the hands from bumping or scraping as scooters zip around in confined areas. A lower center of gravity from the overall construction keeps students from toppling over or losing control as they learn the basics of stopping and turning. And, with weight capacities of 200 and 250 lb (regular vs. deluxe), there’s no fear of balance or stability issues.

An injection-molded seat and steel handlebars keep the overall scooter weight low, to provide better control and handling. These materials exude resilience, however, and won’t compromise in the face of institutional wear. High impact, structural grade PVC is also resistant to UV exposure and abrasions. Rounding out the durable design, 3” dia swivel casters with rubber wheels are capable of tackling any surface with ease.

Roller Racer™ models come fully assembled, eliminating the potential for improper assembly. Both are 25”L x 19”W; 13 lb. Purchase a caddy with high-grade PVC and ABS to hold up to 8 Roller Racers. It easily assembles and is 35”L x 19”W x 38”H.

Roller Racer™ Options

Roller Racers™ are available in 2 sizes. Caddy sold separately.

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