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Stabilis® Anti-Tip Scooters

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We guarantee you've never seen a scooter as stable as our three-sided, three-wheel Stabilis® Scooter for kids!

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An unprecedented three-sided, three-wheel design offers the utmost stability and safety, so no matter where you sit on it, the anti-tip scooter remains stable! Three additional extra-large handles add extra safety through a sure grip. This is the safest scooter we have to offer!

Anti-Tip Design

A patented triangular shape and three-wheel design prevents tipping no matter what part of the scooter you sit on, making it great for riders of all shapes and sizes. Thanks to this design, the scooter has extra agility and is able to cut to each side much more quickly. This makes the scooter ideal for games that require multiple directions of movement, such as scooter hockey (played similar to regular floor hockey).

You are even able to fit multiple riders on to a single scooter, which makes it a great choice for cooperative activities in which students must communicate with their scooter partner. The anti-tip design is even more important when multiple riders are on the scooter at once. A popular game for multiple riders is Chariot, in which one partner is seated on the scooter with legs crossed while the other is in pushup position with their feet on the lap of their seated partner, using their hands to propel forward.

Convenient Domed Top

A dome shape in the decks is designed to make storage easier than ever. The scooters nest on to the top of each other for easy storage, which means you don’t even need a scooter storage cart! Simply place the top scooter’s wheels over the bottom scooter’s handles, and the scooter takes care of the rest as you wheel the stack into storage.

The dome top has benefits even beyond easier storage. It has a textured surface, which helps make sure the rider stays in place for a more controlled, natural ride. By having the rider slightly more elevated than other boards with this domed design, the scooter also provides riders with better floor contact with their feet and more strength and control with their hands, as their core is above the handles.

The domed deck is made of a reinforced ABS plastic, which allows it to withstand years of rough play. The material absorbs impact rather than cracking or breaking. Scooter supports up to 500 lb.

Multiple Options

Two wheel options are available depending on how you plan to use the scooter. A 3” diameter indoor/outdoor wheel design features urethane inline skate wheels for better smoothness and speed. These wheels are able to handle all types of surfaces. Meanwhile, a 3” dia thermoplastic wheel is meant for indoor use only, and will not hurt your gym floors.

The scooters come in Rainbow® colors, which make it easy for teachers to split their students into different groups. This is especially helpful in organizing cardio activities. The red group can propel with their legs, while the blue group can propel with their arms.

Stabilis® Anti-Tip Scooter Options

Stabilis® Anti-Tip Scooters are available in Indoor or Indoor/Outdoor, Individually or in Rainbow® Sets of 6.

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  • Rainbow® Sets
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