Strider™ Bikes

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Focus on the fundamentals of riding with this unique, foot-propelled model!

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Teach Critical Skills

Your students will quickly learn how to proportion their bodyweight and control their balance atop these bikes! The familiar design of a traditional bike—minus pedals—helps students get acquainted with the idea of using the frame for support as they learn to keep it upright and travelling smoothly, with their feet off of the ground. When momentum slows or balance wanes, correcting it is as easy as pushing off from the ground with feet again!

While in motion, balance will be imperative—the upper body will need to be controlled and positioned appropriately. When it comes time to “stride,” students will have to coordinate their legs and feet, timing the right push-offs as they seek to build momentum again. The entire body must work together to maintain balance, coordinate footfalls, and maintain direction.

Ride on All Terrains

Cross terrain tires make it possible to “stride” across virtually any amiable terrain outdoors as students practice their balance and coordination. Start on asphalt or pavement for an even surface that will encourage beginners. Or, if your outdoor activity area isn’t paved, have peace of mind in knowing your students will have the traction they need to remain safe on dirt surfaces as well.

A padded seat keeps students comfortable as they traverse outdoor surfaces of all types, reducing bumping and vibrations that can cause discomfort or imbalance.

Two sizes accommodate students of multiple ages:

  • 16” Sport is designed for ages 6-12. It has a 187 lb capacity and weighs 18 lb.
  • 20” Sport is designed for ages 12 and up. It has a 242 lb capacity and weighs 18 lb.

Adjust on the Fly

When it comes to adjusting these bikes to meet the needs of the students atop them, alterations are quick and painless, without the need for tools. Seats can be raised and lowered via a quick-release mechanism. Brakes can also be quickly tightened and tested for paramount safety.

If your students require foot pegs for added balance or comfort, these are easily attached and are included with each bike.

Strider™ Bike Options

Strider™ Bikes are available in 2 sizes.

  • 16” Sport
  • 20” Sport