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UltimateScooter™ Basketball Set

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Scoot, shoot, and score with scooter basketball!

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At a basketball-style game to your scooter activities! A one-piece, impact-resistant ABS goal fits snugly into the UltimateScooter™ board. 

Basketball on Wheels

Give your students a fast-paced game that provides nonstop action and team-building potential. Each team simply tries to score as many baskets as possible in a game similar to basketball, but placed on wheels. Kids will get a full-body workout and improve their team communication skills in the process!

Divide the group into 2 equal teams (we suggest 4 to 6 players per side). Assign 1 team the red basket scooter and the other the blue basket scooter. Each team tries to score as many baskets as possible during the allotted timeframe. If you want to change things up and have more nonstop action, start the game with 2 balls!

Quality Attachment

Hoops are one-piece, impact resistant PVC that fit snugly into the 24” dia UltimateScooter™ Board. Simply press the push pin and insert into the attachment receiver.

Each pack comes with 2 hoops, a set of 6 coated foam balls, and 2 boards, available in 2 wheel configurations. The 4” dia indoor/outdoor wheels feature a urethane design for greater speed, smoothness, and abrasion resistance to handle all playing surfaces. A 2-1/2” dia thermoplastic wheel option is meant for indoor use only, and is designed to be easy on gym floors. Additional Goal Attachments and set of 5 Balls are also sold separately.

UltimateScooter™ Basketball Set Options

UltimateScooter™ Basketball Sets are available in Indoor or Indoor/Outdoor. Goals and Balls also sold separately.

  • Indoor Set
  • Indoor/Outdoor Set
  • Additional Goal Attachment w/ Blue Net
  • Additional Goal Attachment w/ Red Net
  • Foam Balls 
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