UltimateScooter™ Disc Fling™ Set

Disc golf gets a high-octane boost with this fun scooter PE game!


It’s disc golf on wheels! Fling foam discs through ABS goals to score. Sets include everything you need to get your game started. 

Nonstop Action

Add an aerobic twist to disc golf! Students work in teams to attempt to fling discs through numbered goals that are constantly on the move.

PVC Attachment

Each set comes with 2 durable PVC targets (27-1/2”W x 54”H) with vinyl goals that easily attach to the UltimateScooter™. It also comes with 2 scooter boards in either indoor or outdoor wheel configuration, as well as 2 sets of 6 Sky Blazer form discs. Pair of targets or set of 6 discs also sold separately.

UltimateScooter™ Disc Fling™ Set Options

UltimateScooter™ Disc Fling™ Sets are available in Indoor or Indoor/Outdoor. Targets and Discs also sold separately.

  • Indoor Set
  • Indoor/Outdoor Set
  • Targets 
  • Discs
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