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UltimateScooter™ Flag Tag™ Set

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Gives an exciting new perspective to flag tag games with scooters!

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Add an exciting twist to your flag football unit with scooter activities! Each set includes everything you need to create a fun, fast-paced flag football games on scooters. 

Flag Football on Wheels

Bring a new style of flag football to your class with these UltimateScooter™ board flag tag sets. Instead of wearing a flag belt, now the flags are on the scooter boards! Play two on two flag football or outfit your entire class to play with as many players as you wish.

These sets are great not just for flag football, but also for games such as Pom Pom, where a player tries to pull as many flags from other players as they can. The last player with flags wins. You can change up other traditional games as well, adding in the UltimateScooter™ twist. Give students another form of cardio that specifically targets their upper or lower body depending on how they ride the scooter board.

Easy Attachment

Poles attach quickly and easily to our 24” diameter UltimateScooter™. These high-impact PVC poles (16”H, 12 oz) are built to last and are easily stowed away after use.  Flags (17”L) and poles are outfitted with Velcro® for easy attachment. They are also a taller height for safety purposes so students are not grabbing flags too close to the ground, where their hands could get in the way and are run over. Individual pole or set of 6 flags are also sold separately.

UltimateScooter™ Flag Tag™ Set Options

UltimateScooter™ Flag Tag™ Sets are available in Indoor or Indoor/Outdoor. Pole and Flags also sold separately.

  • Indoor Set
  • Indoor/Outdoor Set
  • Flag Tag™ Pole
  • Yellow Flags
  • Red Flags
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