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UltimateScooter™ Game Packs

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The ultimate scooter game packs, for the UltimateScooter™, with the ultimate storage solutions!

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Get everything you need to put together a wide variety of fun activities for your gym classes! Two packs contain plenty of fun equipment that your students will love.

Ultimate Scooter Experience

Give your students the ultimate scooter board experience with these packs. You can take your traditional basketball, flag, belt, target, and disc golf activities and add a twist with scooter boards! These boards can be used to improve strength, coordination, and reflexes. The scooter board also offers sensory stimulation via movement and can improve balance and equilibrium reactions, helping your students get more comfortable with their bodies and athletics in general.

Convenient Cart

Included in the deluxe pack is a cart to help you haul around your scooters. It is made of a tough Magnus ABS plastic that is stronger and twice the thickness of other PVC you’ll find on the market. Four ball-bearing casters make the cart easy to glide across any surface and into your storage areas. Two of those wheels lock into place, make loading and unloading easier and safer.

UltimateScooter™ Game Pack Options

UltimateScooter™ Game Packs are available in 2 varieties.

  • Basic Pack


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