UltraSoft™ Scooter Hockey Packs

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Everything needed to get involved in up to 2 ultra-safe, fast-paced scooter hockey games for kids!

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Prepare your class for a fun unit of scooter hockey! Choose the pack that best fits your needs and then you’re all ready to get your game set up.

All-in-One Pack

This pack comes with everything you need for your next scooter hockey game, including enough scooters and sticks to get everyone involved. Included are 24 ultra-soft sticks (our safest floor hockey stick we offer) in sets of 12 blue and 12 yellow. Also in the set: 4 lightweight PVC folding goals, 6 safe foam pucks, and 2 soft 7” dia foam balls that offer a faster game pace when compared to pucks.

The Deluxe pack contains 24 SST scooters, our most popular scooter built for speed and safety. It has 2-1/2” dia rubber wheels, made for the smoothest ride on gym floors.

Easy Storage

Each pack comes with 2 large VersaBag™ storage bags that measure 36”L x 24”W. These bags are made with a durable mesh material and feature a drawstring rope and push pin stopper. All of your sticks, pucks, and balls will easily fit into the bag, making storage a breeze.

You can also upgrade to the deluxe pack for the Magnus storage cart, which features 4 ball-bearing casters. These casters make the cart easy to glide across the floor into and out of storage. Two of those casters lock into place, making loading and unloading safer and easier. The pipe ends of the cart are capped for greater safety.

UltraSoft™ Scooter Hockey Pack Options

UltraSoft™ Scooter Hockey Packs are available in Basic or Deluxe options.

Basic Pack

Deluxe Pack. Includes everything in the Basic Pack plus: