Worksman® Wide Tracker Adult-Size Tricycle

Wide-track wheels and front pedal drive.


Designed for adults, this oversized trike is an asset for physical therapy and motion training. The larger frame and wheels support adult heights and weights, and can be used indoors or out with ease. Powder coated steel offers supreme durability and longevity, with all terrain wheels for additional support.

Ideal for PT and Training

Lacking a chain drive, the pedals of this 3-wheel trike for adults are connected directly to the front wheel, meaning exertion equals results. For this reason, adult trikes are perfect for physical therapy, therapeutic rehabilitation, and motion training. The low-impact nature of pedaling allows users to recondition muscles and build strength without jarring or impacting sensitive muscle groups.

A comfortably padded seat makes longer training sessions possible without adding stress and strain to the equation. They also prevent cramping that could hinder rehabilitation.

Adult Size and Weight

Users up to 250 lb will enjoy using this trike to its fullest function! The 43”L x 29-1/2”W trike is also designed to accommodate adult frames and builds. Four notches of adjustment on the seat allow each rider to quickly and accurately adjust the fit to meet the length of their legs for a tailored approach to rehabilitation.

Extremely Durable

A rugged 50 lb powder coated steel frame holds up to rugged use and resists scratches, whether you’re using the trike indoors or out. The entire frame is also protected against moisture damage and rusting, bringing with it the peace of mind of longevity.

All terrain wheels add additional durability and support to the trike, allowing it to maneuver over uneven terrain without affecting the rider or the frame. Rubber treads hold up to the constant revolutions of all 3 wheels.

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