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Our polyethylene cones come in vibrant colors to keep your class Screamin’! Available in 3 Screamin’ colors, these 12"H cones are extremely easy to see, which is important for any game that involves boundaries or lane markers.

Screamin’ Colors

Available in Screamin’ Orange, Yellow, and Green, these bright colors help classes and players stay safe. Boundary lines and goals are extremely obvious thanks to these vibrant colors. Because students are always fully aware of exactly where the boundary markers are, you don’t have to worry about them stepping on or tripping over these markers.

In addition to marking boundaries, the cones can be used for target games with coated foam balls, such as team knockout, in which the team with the most cones standing at the end of the game wins. Divide students into teams for these games based on the colors of the cones they’ll be using.

Finally, the bright colors of these cones simply make games more fun and exciting. Younger students love mixing things up with a wider variety of bright colors.

Light, Yet Durable

Give your class a lightweight option that is built to last. Screamin’ Plastic Cones are more durable than other cones on the market based on their pliability. They will not crack or break upon impact, instead slightly flexing then regaining their original form.

Each cone measures 12”, our most popular size, making it a great option for goals and boundary markers. These space-saving cones come in sets of 6 and nest on top of each other for easy, space-saving storage. Setup and takedown is a breeze!