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Screamin' SST™ Scooters

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Safer, Speedier, Tougher (SST) in exciting colors!

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The SST™ Scooter boards for kids features a stylish deck that offers 28% more seating area than a conventional 16" scooter. This deck is also thicker and more reinforced than other scooters, making it tougher and better able to handle larger students.

Brighten the Excitement

Available in Screamin’ Orange® and Screamin’ Green®, these fun colors add to the tremendous excitement students experience every time they see scooters will be used in gym class! Kids know they’re in for a fun time every time the scooters come out in gym, and these colors are a perfect representation of that kind of excitement.

Get scooters in both colors to make dividing into teams even easier. In relay races, for example, you can easily divide your classes into an orange and green team. You can also arrange other class games so that all students with orange or green scooters are paired with other students who have the same color.

Fast, Durable Design

Designed to be our fastest scooter, a narrow rectangular design and high-quality casters on the SST™ Scooters ensure a fast, smooth ride. This narrow design provides excellent seating balance while affording more leg area to riders and less board interference for better propulsion.

The speed and durability of these scooters makes them perfect for all ages. A lightweight reinforced ABS plastic deck is stronger than most other scooter boards on the market, meaning these boards can be dropped or slammed into walls and still perform great. ABS plastic handles are reinforced and ergonomic, designed to fit your student’s hands and keeping them from getting pinched or run over by the wheels.

Indoor and Outdoor Options

Two wheel options are available for this scooter. The 3” dia indoor/outdoor wheels feature a urethane inline skate wheel designed for speed and a smooth ride with outstanding resistance to abrasion. The indoor-only thermal plastic 2.5” wheels are easy on your floors and made to be non-marring.

Screamin' SST™ Scooter Options

Screamin' SST™ Scooters are available in 2 designs, in 2 colors.

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