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Screamin' Tetherballs

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All-natural rubber cover provides premium durability and shape-retention.

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Get a set of tetherballs made with top-quality construction for institutional play. Each brightly colored ball includes a recessed rope mount and an 8’L rope. The Screamin’ colors make it easy to see the ball as it is batted around the pole, while also adding an additional level of fun and excitement to the game!

Screamin’ Colors

Available in Screamin’ Orange® and Green®, these balls are highly visible, which is important for tetherball, as kids need to be able to see the ball well to hit it and have success. Just as important, kids are often nervous about playing tetherball because they are scared of being hit. These bright colors ensure students will know where the ball is at all times, decreasing their chances of being hit and getting them more excited about getting involved in the game.

The colors bring an entirely new sense of fun and excitement to the playground that your students are certain to enjoy!

Withstands Heavy Use

Tetherballs need to be durable, as they’re outdoors most of the year and are continually battered by students. These balls have concentrations of windings that create a firmer ball, increasing their velocity. More speed means more fun! The butyl bladder has a low level of air leakage, allowing you to maintain consistent air pressure.

To get started, simply attach the 8’L rope to the pole, and you’re all set.

Screamin’ Tetherball Options

Screamin’ Tetherballs are available individually, in 2 colors.

  • Screamin’ Orange®
  • Screamin’ Green®