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Screamin' Vinyl Spots


Stomp, run, and jump on the spots that jump off the floor!

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Outfit your class with the toughest spots on the market in the brightest colors available! Having such bright colors to use as boundary markers means your students will always know when they are in the official playing area. The bright colored spots also make great targets for a variety of throwing and kicking games! Guaranteed to never tear and heavy enough to hold their ground, these spots are both attractive and safe for all.

Screamin’ Colors

Available in Screamin’ Orange®, Screamin’ Yellow®, and Screamin’ Green®, all of these exciting colors are extremely easy to spot wherever they’re lying on the ground. This makes them both safe and fun options for games of all types. Their visibility is crucial when they are being used as markers, because they need to be able to stand out from the grass or cement for outdoor games or from other lines and spots on gym floors.

The markers can also be used as targets for a variety of gym games involving kicking, throwing, or rolling. Because they are extremely easy to see, students will have a better chance of being successful with them.

Safe and Durable

Each spot only rises a quarter of an inch off the ground, providing a safer option than cones for marking boundaries, or an option for activities in which cones cannot be effectively used. They are made of 100% PVC vinyl, designed to never crack or become brittle. This means the spots are virtually rip resistant. Their outstanding versatility allows them to be used on all types of surfaces, like grass, pavement, and gym floors, and for just about any type of game.

Each spot measures 9”, small enough for running lane markers and large enough to be seen on grass for end zone markers and other boundaries.

Screamin’ Vinyl Spot Options

Screamin’ Vinyl Spots are available in sets of 6, in 3 colors.

  • Screamin’ Orange®
  • Screamin’ Yellow®
  • Screamin’ Green®