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Team PinBlitz™ Set


Pins and balls in 3 Screamin' colors ensure knock-down fun for the entire class!

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In a variety of action-packed games, 3 teams of 10 or more players either attempt to knock down their own pins or their opponents’ pins while protecting their own. The games teach teamwork, agility, accuracy, and dodging skills. Throughout the entirety of the game, students will be working with equipment in any of three exciting Screamin’ colors. These colors only add to the level of excitement already provided by these energetic games!

Screamin’ Colors

Available in Screamin’ Orange®, Yellow® and Green®, these bright colors add to the excitement of PinBlitz activities and get students energized for Physical Education class. That energy level is key for these types of games, which require a lot of student engagement! Kids get excited by bright colors and will love being able to choose their favorite neon color before getting started with gameplay.

These radiant colors also make it easy for teachers to divide students into groups. Easily assign students to yellow, orange, or green, and get started with the game! It’s that simple.

Three Game Ideas

Each set includes 3 great game ideas!

Team PinBlitz Game: Divide the playing area into 3 zones. Place pins along the end lines and on the center line of the playing area. Students divide into 3 teams. Players attempt to knock down other teams pins, but they must remain in their zone. Play continues for 3 minutes and then time is tallied (each pin knocked down is 1 point). Teams rotate to each zone and the team with the lowest points wins.

Goalie Ball: The play area is a large circle and students are divided into teams of 3. One team is inside the circle and may set up all three sets of pins in any formation they want inside the circle. The team on the outside of the circle roll balls in attempt to knock down pins, while the players inside the circle try to prevent pins from being knocked down. After 3 minutes, time stops and the pins knocked down are tallied - each pin knocked down counts as 1 point. Teams rotate so each team has a turn at goalie. At the end of 3 rounds, the team with the lowest points wins.

Circle Pin Guard: The playing area is 3 large circles that are organized in the shape of a triangle. Two color pins are placed inside of the circles and the students are divided into 3 teams and are placed in the circle without any of their team color. The object of the game is to knock down your teams color pins and prevent opponents from knocking down their teams pins. The first team to knock down all 10 of their pins wins.

Each Team PinBlitz™ Set includes 18 coated-foam 6.3" dia dodgeballs (6 ea Screamin' Orange®, Screamin' Yellow®, and Screamin' Green®), 30 coated-foam pins (10 ea color), a VersaBag™ mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.