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Object-Retrieval™ Team Building System

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Fun and versatile system builds teamwork and cooperation skills for the entire class!

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Teaches Teamwork

Inspire teamwork as students work together and accomplish a wide range of tasks. If there’s even one player not equaling contributing, the objective of each game can’t be fulfilled! Games inspire communication within a group, teamwork, objective-oriented group focus, and more.

The secret to the high level of success in team building exercises comes from the unique strap design of the system. Because each student controls a single strap and each strap has a pivotal impact on the central objective, it inspires everyone to do their part.

Exciting Activities

There are 5 kids team building games that can be played within each set, and different variations and modifications possible by teachers. Games include:

  • Ball Carry: In this game, students each hold a nylon strap attached to a bungee and attempt to move a ball from one bucket to the other without dropping it.
  • Bucket Dump: In this game, students each hold one strap and attempt to move a bucket of golf balls across the playing area and dump them into another bucket without spilling them.
  • Team Writer: In this game, the straps each students hold are attached to a device that holds a dry erase marker and teams attempt to answer questions or draw shapes.
  • Beanbag Carry: In this game, students work together to move beanbags from a bowl to a target mat. Each student holds a strap that holds a device holding a dowel with Velcro® and teams must work together to pick up the beanbag with the opposite Velcro® and transport it across the playing area onto the target mat.
  • Tipsy Bucket: In this game, students work together to complete a series of tasks. First, they move the golf balls from the large bucket to the small bucket. After that, they set the large bucket down and pick up the small bucket with the golf balls and transfer these to a bowl target. and then set the bucket down.

Enough for the Entire Class

Sets are available in Basic and Deluxe Sets, depending on the number of students involved in the group. Basic Sets accommodate up to 15 students working together at one time; Deluxe Sets allow up to 30 students to participate. Deluxe sets also allow student teams to compete head-to-head at different tasks and challenges, to see which team has the better communication skills and coordination! The Basic Set includes:

  • 2 Bungees (1 small and 1 large)
  • 2 Buckets (1 small and 1 large)
  • 2 target mats (1 small and 1 large)
  • 1 Boundary rope
  • 1 Whiteboard
  • 2 Beanbags (1 red, 1 blue)
  • 1 Marker
  • 1 Wood dowel
  • 1 PVC cross
  • 1 PVC rod
  • 15 Nylon straps
  • 1 Bowl/dome target
  • Activity Instructions

The Deluxe Set includes double the components of the Basic Set.

Object-Retrieval™ Team Building System Options

Object-Retrieval™ Team Building Systems come in single or double sets.

  • Single Set
  • Double Set

Using straps attached to an elastic bungee, students work together to retrieve and move objects, and even solve math problems. Set teaches teams how to effectively communicate, plan, and cooperate. Single set accommodates up to 15 students, while up to 30 students can use the Double Set. These kids team building games includes everything needed to get your started and 5 compelling game activities.


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