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SpeedyStructure Set


Race to collect tubes in various lengths and build the tallest structure the fastest!

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Players need to make quick decisions while sprinting to collect building parts scattered throughout the playing area during this tower stacking game. One player from each team races to gather a tube or fitting. After returning to the starting line, the next player goes. At the same time, the rest of the team assembles a structure with the pieces collected. After all pieces are gathered, teams continue building until a predetermined time ends. The team with the tallest, freestanding structure wins! You can also play another game that relies on clear communication to relay building instructions for a predetermined design.

Polyethylene plastic tubes are flexible and lightweight, yet durable enough to withstand years of consistent use. They are color-coded according to length, making it easy to select the correct length tube while building a structure.

Set includes 6 red tubes (6"L), 6 yellow tubes (12"L), 12 green tubes (24"L), 18 blue tubes (36"L), 12 T-fittings, 12 three-way fittings, 12 cross fittings, 6 elbow fittings, and activity instructions with engaging team-building games and pre-designed structure photos for building inspiration.