STEM in the GYM

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With Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math-based activities, academic learning will STEM from your gym!

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Why just exercise the body when you could exercise the mind as well? STEM in the GYM is an innovative program that allows students to get a physical workout while learning about physics concepts such as force, load, and work. Whether exploring the mechanical advantage of a pulley or the splitting power of a wedge, teachers will love these STEM activities for elementary students. Complete Basic Package includes 6 Big Gears Demonstrators, 8 Soft Wedges, 6 Wall Pulley Packages, 6 Wheel and Axle Demonstrators, 8 Seesaw Levers, 6 Screw Hatches, 1 Teacher Guide, and 1 DVD. Deluxe Complete Package also includes 3 Rainbow® Sets of 6 Indoor SST™ Scooters and 3 Rainbow® Sets of 6 12”H Plastic Cones. More details on each component below.

Big Gears Demonstrator
Gear up your students to learn about mechanical advantage by letting them experience the force required to pull a classmate on a scooter using a rope. Then show them the powerful advantage of reeling their classmate in using a gear and pully system! One large and one small gear demonstrate the difference in force required to pull a student when gearing up or down. Rubber feet are safe for use on most surfaces. 46”L x 23”W x 6.5”H; 36 lb.

Screw Hatch
This creative twist on Phys Ed helps students learn about torque while being active. Simulating a spacecraft hatch for added fun, the Screw Hatch teaches students how a screw device can reduce the amount of force needed to perform work. Students can break down the definition of a screw and discover the power of an inclined plane wrapped around an axis for multiple turns. 16”L x 16”W x 16”H; 10 lb.

Wheel & Axle Demonstrator
Roll your Phys. Ed. students into academic territory with the mechanical advantage of the wheel and axle. The Wheel & Axle demonstrator teaches students about mechanical advantage in relation to the radius of the wheels and axle. Students walk or crawl as they push the axle demonstrator with their hands, realizing how much easier it is to move with it than it is on their own. 25”L x 7”W x 7”H; 3-1/2 lb.

Wall Pulley Package
Pulling oneself across the gym floor is demanding work. Students will appreciate much easier it gets when they are connected to this wall pulley system! It demonstrates a simple pulley system, which is a simple machine that changes the direction and intensity of a force. Includes large screw eye, latch, pulley, and 25’ rope.

Seesaw Lever
Tilting into lessons about the lever has never been this fun! Have students balance on the seesaw independently to see how the lever responds to shifts in their weight placement. Then have multiple students load up the seesaw to demonstrate changes in balance. Move the fulcrum up and down the lever to create situations of uneven balance. Wood construction. 23-3/4”L x 8”W x 2-3/4”H; 5-1/2 lb.

STEM in the GYM Resources
Get the most out of your STEM in the GYM simple machines with a Teacher Guide and Instructional DVD. The DVD presents lessons about the principles of force, load, and work while demonstrating fun and engaging ways to use your equipment. One section teaches a kinesthetic lesson with Simple Machines in the Gym, while the second section visually guides students and teachers through activities with each machine. 30 minutes. The Teacher Guide, written by an award winning-physical education teacher, shows you how to craft the best lessons with your simple machines. Covers setup, organization, and lesson plans for each machine. Includes 7 lessons and 39 pages.

Soft Wedge
Push for academic education into your gym with this wedge! Students learn about using less force to separate items due to the mechanical advantage of a wedge! Soft, durable wedge is safe for separating anything, including students standing shoulder to shoulder. Students will learn that wedges can be used to separate two objects or even portions of one object, and they will be able to experience it happening first hand to drive home the lesson. 3.5"L x 2"W x 2"H.