Tag Bag™ 75-Activity Team-Builder Pack

Team Adventure Gear Bag features all the equipment for 75 top team building activities.


Created by team building expert and educator Tom Heck, these activities generate communication, interactive skills, and excitement for students of all ages. A convenient carrying case allows you to set up and conduct activities anywhere.

Most Activity Options

This kit provides you with a large variety of activity options and offers unique ideas developed by an expert. Included are Team Spots components and instructions and the Cooperative Maze Game components and instructions, as well as a DVD with an additional 30-plus activities.

One example of an activity is Minefield, in which students partner up and direct their teammate through an obstacle course while the other keeps his or her eyes closed. Another is Consensus Ropes, in which ropes are weaved through each other. One rope in the stack acts as a “key ring” to the others, and groups must examine the ropes and make a decision as to which rope it is by working together and communicating.

Included DVD and Resources

The included DVD makes it easy to outline and preview the activities as a teacher. It also includes a special booklet called Introduction to Leading Team Building, an invaluable resource for any team leader. A 30-minute audio interview on the DVD with best-selling author Dr. Edward Hallowell features him sharing powerful insights about the value of connection. All of the resources in the pack were put together by Tom Heck, who has worked in education and leadership for more than 25 years and founded the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators.

Pack includes:

  • Team Spots Set (rope, spots, instructions)
  • Big Bopper Birdies
  • Helium Stick (lightweight stick used in team building challenges)
  • Tag Items Pack
  • Cooperative Maze Game (instructions, mat, and balls)
  • ElastaBelt
  • Juggling Scarves
  • Stretchy Lizards
  • Rainbow® ridged dome cones
  • Rubber Band Ball
  • Wheeled Duffel Bag
  • Mesh Storage Bags
  • Tag Bag DVD with 75 activities
  • Activity Instructions
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